*Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo*

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day!
Savannah’s parade & St. Pat’s weekend was great, per usual! But the restricted section changed the vibe of the weekend for several businesses & “partiers” #whatashame
What do ya’ll think of the restricted area?
Well we are now entering Spring – finally! I am definitely a Spring & Summer girl, give me sunshine & dresses forevaaa.
I wanted to tell ya’ll about my new favorite drink! I surprised my girlfriends with these when they came over for Sunday Funday.
It is the perfect light, refreshing drink for these upcoming seasons! It will bring back your memories if eating Italian Ice as a child over the summer – hopefully you won’t be covered in a red, sticky mess this time! A childhood favorite + alcohol…perfect.
We went through two containers of Häagen Dazs raspberry sorbet & two bottles of Rosé (your favorite brand).
Pro Tip: make sure you buy SPARKLING rosé, I’m a dumb dumb & accidentally grabbed one sparking rosé & one regular rosé. The drink with the sparkling rosé was a MILLION times better: think coke float, but different, actually almost the exact opposite haha!
We might have gone overboard, but here is a reference of how much to buy if you plan to do this with your girlfriends: One bottle & one pint filled 3 standard glasses.
I LOVE a good paper straw, they add the perfect touch. If you use a straw in your daily life, please start using paper (if you can’t eliminate a straw completely). They are SO much better for the environment (those of you who know me, know I am forever re-using, reducing, & recycling). Let’s all try to reduce our carbon footprint while still enjoying the little (& cute) things in life! I just ordered a 100 pack on Amazon.
I have yet to have a picnic in Forsyth Park, but I definitely want to plan a picnic before it gets too hot here in Savannah & have these for dessert. Who wants to join!?
If you try these, please let me know & tag Fête!
Thanks for reading!
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